My name is Bernice Drummond.  I worked most of my adult life as long haul cabin crew for British Airways before hanging up my wings in 2018 to follow my dream.

I have always enjoyed being creative and in 2008 I came across a traditional olive oil soap recipe and decided to have a go making it.  I was instantly hooked and started making lots of different types of soap.  Within a year, and lots of soap batches and practicing, I had decided to sell my wares and one thing led to another. 

I had soon created a face cream which I formulated with Rosehip Oil, Vitamin E, Grapefruit Seed Extract and Jojoba.  Aware that the cabin environment was very dehydrating on the skin, I found my hydrating cream really helped with this.  I love blending aromatherapy oils and formulating new products.  From the research stage, to following strict protocol and having a final product brought to market.  It is all very rewarding. 

I am fortunate to live on a farm in rural Northumberland with my gorgeous family, including 3 Jack Russell's, a cat, Shetland pony, many hens and a hive full of lovely honey bees.  My wonderful partner Edward, who is a farmer and myself share a love of the countryside and all the things that nature provides. 

LILAC & THYME derived its name from a song called "River Man" by the wonderful singer-songwriter Nick Drake, 1948-1974