It's Christmaaaaas!!!!

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Its hard to beleive its that time of year again. The days are certainly closing in and the nights are so much darker.  As we feel the temperatures drop there is nothing nicer than getting all snug, pj's on and with the fire crackeling away.  The wonderful Christmassy smell of orange and cinnamon emulating from a flickering candle. Our candles have been a popular seller this year.  Simple and beautiful we package them with a little dangling wax heart which can also be used as an air freshener for your wardrobe.  Not only do they look lovely, but they smell sublime.  An obvious choice for Christmas is our Orange and Cinnamon, however we also make our candles in Rose, Orange Blossom, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Fresh Cotton and Black Pomegranate.  We have 3 new products to introduce.  Firstly our cleanser made with almond oil and neroli.  We have also introduced another Shea Body Cream in Orange Blossom and already proving very popular is our vetiver hand cream made with cocoa butter and sweet almond oil. Our Foot Food is a firm favourite for many of our loyal customers, but we must plug it again for all those tired little legs which have been batteling the crowds so that our loved ones can reville in delight on Christmas morning. So for those tired little piggies try our truly amazing, utterly cooling Peppermint Foot Food...ahhh relax! 

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