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  1. IMG_3279 - CopyDelighted to have launched our new branding after lots of different ideas, a lovely fancy logo which we decided not to use, and loads of checking the spelling on the international nomenclature of cosmetic ingredients! Why you may ask, well I just felt that the labelling didn't quite reflect our business quite how we liked.  We have gone for simple packaging to reflect our products we have used textured paper labels in white for all of our cosmetics including our perfumes.  Our candles and reed diffusers have grey labelling and our soaps and bath bombs have pink labels.  All of our sealed products are presented on our own grown hay and we use the lovliest of black gift boxes and ribbon in our gift sets.  We have introduced a few new products to our range.  In our home fragrancing we have added Cotton, Feuilles de Tabac and Lotus Flower & Sandalwood.  We have introduced a new hand cream with the stunning fragrance of Verbenas of Provence, which also comes in an Eau de Parfum. We have also included a local Blanchland Heather soap to our range, which is subtle and mild and topped with hand picked heather flowers from beautiful Blanchland.  This leads me on to say our lovely little shops in Blanchland and Blackhill where we sell all of our products alongside other artists and crafters which are well supported thanks to our lovely customers.  I can totally reccommend a drive towards the North Pennines it really is the most wonderful place, so unspoiled and stunning.  After you have explored our shop, you can also nip over for the most amazing lunch at the Lord Crewe, you won't be dissapointed! Bernice x


  2. Its hard to beleive we are thinking about Christmas again, back to manic fair sales this month, but I always enjoy the atmosphere they bring.  This year we have introduced Reed Diffusers to our range, which have proven so popular.  As the nights draw in, I do like to light my candles, and what better fragrance to permiate your home this time of year, than Orange & Cinnamon?  It really is Christmas in a jar!...and to add a touch of style I have added a tartan ribbon, but not just any tartan, the ancient Drummond Clan in black and white which compliments the red jars beautifully.  I have loved reading up about my herritage, and it maybe explains my obsession with tartan! For now, I will use the Drummond motto and say  Gang warily - “Go carefully” 

    gang warily

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    Happy New Year to all our wonderful customers.  I would like to thank every one of my fabulous customers who have helped make this the best year ever. 

    New this year, are our fabulous 'Thyme for YOU' gift boxes which have seven our our lovely pampering products perfect for a night in.  They include a rose candle and bath bomb, a raspberry and pink clay face mask, a bergamot body scrub, a Lavender and Geranium Face Food, a Vanilla Shea Body Cream and a Peppermint Foot Food.   They will make super gifts, so keep them in mind for Valentines and  Mothers Day . 

    You know its January when all the holiday adverts start appearing everywhere.  Time to detox, kick start our minds and bodies so that come the summer we are ready for the beach!   If you are travelling long haul for your holidays or travel with business don't forget our lovely Thyme Zone Kits are formulated using aromatherapy to help enhance your well being whilst flying. Featuring "Rest", "Refresh"  and "Repair" which come with a drawstring bag. These little kits are gaining recognition and are selling globally, as far as New Zealand!  We also have really exiting projects in the pipeline so watch this space!

    We would just like to mention the wonderful company who do ALL of our labels for us.  Including the Thyme Zone labels above. Fast Print provide us with the best labels at a fraction of the cost of other companies and at the best quality.  Thank you so much for making our ideas turn in to dreams! I honestly love you!!! Wishing you all a prosperous, healthy and very happy 2015


  4. Its hard to beleive its that time of year again. The days are certainly closing in and the nights are so much darker.  As we feel the temperatures drop there is nothing nicer than getting all snug, pj's on and with the fire crackeling away.  The wonderful Christmassy smell of orange and cinnamon emulating from a flickering candle. Our candles have been a popular seller this year.  Simple and beautiful we package them with a little dangling wax heart which can also be used as an air freshener for your wardrobe.  Not only do they look lovely, but they smell sublime.  An obvious choice for Christmas is our Orange and Cinnamon, however we also make our candles in Rose, Orange Blossom, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Fresh Cotton and Black Pomegranate.  We have 3 new products to introduce.  Firstly our cleanser made with almond oil and neroli.  We have also introduced another Shea Body Cream in Orange Blossom and already proving very popular is our vetiver hand cream made with cocoa butter and sweet almond oil. Our Foot Food is a firm favourite for many of our loyal customers, but we must plug it again for all those tired little legs which have been batteling the crowds so that our loved ones can reville in delight on Christmas morning. So for those tired little piggies try our truly amazing, utterly cooling Peppermint Foot Food...ahhh relax! 

  5. Bath Salts 

    The growing fashion for grandmother's favourite cure-all, Epsom salts has become the latest health trend among celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham.  People don't want synthetic products anymore and are stearing away from foam boosters such as sodium laurel sulphate which is found in so many bath products and is a harsh irritant.  Our amazing bath salts contain Epsom Salts, Dead Sea Salts and Sea Salts with Goats Milk and essential oil of Lavender and Rosemary.  Epsom salts, not only help with aches and pains, but it also helps to draw out toxins from the skin. 


  6. thyme zone 023

    We are delighted to be launching our Thyme Zone proudcts in April.  It has been over two years in the making, but we have finally got all the packaging sorted and now we are just awaiting the lovely drawstring bags with our logo and we are ready to take off!  Thyme Zone products are perfect for anyone who travels, especially on long haul flights.  It includes three products Rest, Refresh and Repair.

    "REST” is a wonderful balm made using shea butter and jojoba with lavender and chamomile essential oils, known for their relaxing and soothing benefits. Gently rub on to your temples and deeply breathe in the aroma before your bunk rest. Also perfect for use on lips, nails or for dry skin. 15ml

    “REPAIR” is a moisturiser for the face and is made using carrot oil, avocado oil, wheat germ oil, borage oil, panthenol d and essential oils of sweet orange, ylang ylang and patchouli. It is perfect for jet lagged sluggish skin and is packed full of vitamins and anti-oxidants to help with cell regeneration.

    “REFRESH” this lovely balm contains rosemary and bergamot to awake and uplift. Just rub on to the temples, cup your hands over your nose and breathe in the refreshing aroma. Not only does it help refresh your mind, it helps with congestion and wards off and germs that may be lurking, 15ml

    The set of three products comes in an cotton drawstring bag with our thyme zone logo and just fits in to your clear bag with ease. It is priced at £25.95 as a set, or you can purchase the products individually.  We are delighted to say that we are already featured in The Fly Guys Cabin Crew Lounge as part of a great giveaway prize.